How do I get to Pacuare Lodge, Costa Rica?

When the journey AND the destination leave you spellbound I love adventure.  And there are very few luxury lodges in the world that offer their guests such an exhilarating first impression as Pacuare Lodge, set deep in Costa Rica’s wild Talamanca Mountains.  Like me, guests at this remote eco-escape are encouraged to bypass traditional transportation means... Continue Reading →

Anthropology, Adventure, and Authenticity

I’m a fickle traveler.  But I’ve earned the right to be so. I’ve traveled far and wide in my near-fifty years. For work, for research, and for adventure. During these escapades, I’ve had the good fortune to stumble upon life (not only my own) being lived out in quiet and beautiful simplicity. Most recently, I... Continue Reading →

Iconic Infinity Pool in the Rainforest

Our lodge has a new addition to its facilities: A spectacular infinity pool for the enjoyment of all our guests. In our continuous search to provide an increasingly memorable experience during your stay at Pacuare Lodge, we built a 20 meter (65 feet) long pool, framed by the lush rainforest. Following our own sustainability standards which ensure that... Continue Reading →

Sloths Find Refuge at Pacuare Lodge

There are some new members in the Pacuare Lodge family, and we couldn’t be happier. There are at least five adult three-toed sloths (Bradypus variegatus) on our grounds: two males and three females, each with her own pup. They don’t all live together, however. Sloths are very territorial, solitary creatures, and each one has staked... Continue Reading →

Our favorite rapids in the Pacuare

From put-in to take-out, the Pacuare River is an incredible experience. Gorgeous scenery, abundant wildlife, and heart-pumping rapids are all along the river - which makes selecting a favorite spot rather difficult. So, we asked our guides. These are their favorite spots on the Pacuare. Quebrada Fría Quebrada Fría is a stream that plummets into... Continue Reading →

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