The Best Food, Art, Shopping, and Cultural Experience in San Jose

Our vacation packets to the ultimate Costa Rican vacation will always include a night in San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Over the past years, San José has become much more cosmopolitan, offering locals and tourists access to incredible art, food, shopping, and cultural experiences. Since you only have a night in San José before you depart on the jungle, mountain, and beach adventures, we’ve put together a quick guide to some of our favorite experiences in San José.Acuña_041231_5215


Right now, until July 14, 2019, we highly recommend that you check out the open-air museum featuring the works of local Costa Rican sculptor, Jorge Jiménez Deredia. The exhibit features 27 huge sculptures made out of marble, bronze, and granite scattered throughout downtown San José. Jorge Jiménez Deredia has been featured all over the world, and now you can finally see his work in his native country.


Barrio Escalante has become a hot spot for foodies. This area features many culinary experiences where you can feast on artisanal Costa Rican favorites, as well as a number of international cuisines. This is also a great area to sit and have a cup of world famous Costa Rican coffee, and delicious cocktails.23

Gourmet dinner

Costa Rica is famous for it’s sustainable dining and farm to table concepts. Restaurant Silvestre in Barrio Amón is no exception. Chef Santiago Fernandez Benedetto has created a beautiful gourmet menu that is in constant development. As the season’s change, so do the fresh and available ingredients. The menu is created around the ingredients that are offered by the sea and the earth with each season. You will always be dining on the freshest ingredients.


Emerce yourself in Costa Rican culture by visiting San José Central Market (Mercado Central). It is the largest market in San Jose and spans an entire block on Avenida Central. The market is a maze of over 200 shops featuring meats, fish, fruits, vegetable, coffee, spices, tools, equipment, organic self-care products, herbal remedies, flowers, and handcrafted souvenirs. This market will help you get into the Pura Vida spirit.

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