Authentic and Unique Souvenirs From Local Artisans in Costa Rica

Shop from local vendors, artisans, and innovators from the country you visit and bring back something invaluable, with real meaning. Choosing high-quality souvenirs and products will have a more significant, lasting impression. You may discover your new favorite shampoo, or lotion or hot sauce. Bring a locally made, designed, and produced tote bag and watch the heads turn the next time you shop. Ditch the French press, and make a fresh “to order” cup of pour-over coffee with organic, locally sourced and roasted beans from Costa Rica.

Local souvenirs from local artists and vendors

Costa Rica is home to some of the most incredible and natural products made locally, by local artists and producers. These products are more than souvenirs, they’ll become an essential part of your life, and when you run out of your local favorites you know, it’s time to book another trip to Costa Rica so you can refill your favorite things.

The Coffee Kit lets you make an authentic cup of Costa Rican coffee at home.

Local keeps

Everywhere you turn in Costa Rica there are handcrafted souvenirs. However, it’s not always easy to know if the products and materials have been responsibly sourced. Local Keeps is a wonderful site where you can shop for souvenirs that are sustainable and responsibly sourced and created. Every product is authentic, environmentally friendly, and socially conscious. Plus, they all tell a story about the artist or our culture.

Local artists and makers

When you shop from local artists and businesses, you are giving back to the country you are visiting and supporting their efforts to create beautiful, useful, and sustainable products. Meeting the artist behind your souvenirs, art, food, and other products will also increase the sentimental value.31


Take home some of your favorite traditions that you discover on your Costa Rican vacation by buying an authentic “kit.” These kits will make everything feel like Costa Rica so you can take a little bit of your vacation home with you. One of the favorites is the Coffee Kit since Costa Rica has some of the world’s best coffee. There are also wonderful Kid’s Kits to make their Costa Rican vacation more bright, fun, and colorful. They make for great take-home souvenirs that can be used and enjoyed anywhere. And, of course, Beauty Kits are featuring natural and organic products made from local ingredients.

Support the communities you meet by buying socially conscious and environmentally friendly souvenirs and products from local artists and producers.

Pacuare Lodge is a luxury eco-resort in Costa Rica.

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