A Perfect Day of White Water Rafting on the Pacuare River

An abundance of nature and wildlife, friendly people, adventure, and beaches for days are what draws visitors to Costa Rica. One of the greatest adventures in Costa Rica is whitewater rafting. Pacuare Lodge offers our guests a perfect day of river rafting of the Pacuare River.

Pacuare River Rafting

If you’re looking for whitewater magic then look no further than the Pacuare River. The Pacuare River rushes through rugged canyons, under tumbling cascades, and the tropical rainforest, giving guests some of the most exotic and scenic views in the world. Although it may be hard to take your eyes off of the scenery, you’ll need to take a minute to concentrate on the raft. The Pacuare River boast Class III-IV rapids that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.08

Whitewater Rafting In Costa Rica

You’ll wake up in your private suite to the sounds of the rainforest. From there, you’ll get your body energized with a delicious breakfast, complete with local and seasonal ingredients, and homemade organic granola. Now you’re ready to hit the river for a perfect day of whitewater rafting on the Pacuare River.

What to wear

Everyone in the raft will get wet, so wear clothes that won’t get weighed down by the water. Wearing a bathing suit under your shorts and t-shirt is always recommended. Be sure to bring shoes that can get wet, or are made specifically for watersports. Your shoes should be secure to your feet, no flip-flops.pacuare-10

Sun protection

Wear a hat or a visor and plenty of sunscreen. Even if the spray of the whitewater will keep you cool, the sun can still burn. If you are wearing sunglasses, make sure they are secure to your face so you don’t lose them to the river.

Picnic by the river

Our guides will safely guide you through the moderately-difficult rapids, point out nature and wildlife as you navigate the whitewater of the Pacuare River. There will be times when you need to concentrate on paddling and navigating the rapids, but you’ll have plenty of downtimes to take in your surroundings, including a picnic by the river banks.

Travel tips for Costa Rica
You can arrive at Pacuare via 4wd, or by rafting the world-famous Pacuare River.

We end the day in the town of Siquirres where you will be transported back to your next destination. Rafting the Pacuare River is the perfect closure to a unique experience at Pacuare Lodge.

Book your stay at Pacuare Lodge and sign up for the whitewater rafting adventure.

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