Seeing the Most Exclusive and Exotic Wildlife Costa Rica Has to Offer

People come to Costa Rica for many reasons. Wherever type of traveler you are, Costa Rica has something to offer everyone. But, whether you want to relax and take long solitary walks on the beach or hike in the rainforest, there’s one thing every visitor has in common: Seeing exotic wildlife up close and personal in their natural habitat.

Wildlife in Costa Rica

Wildlife in Costa Rica
Our canopy tours will give you an exclusive look at the wildlife of Costa Rica.

Practicing eco-tourism means getting up close and personal with the wildlife, without disturbing their natural way of life. We’re not a circus or a petting zoo. We are a luxury eco-lodge nestled in the heart of the rainforest. By operating in the most sustainable way possible, from generating electricity to growing our own produce, we minimize our carbon footprint and live harmoniously with nature and the wildlife that came before us.

We work hard to minimize our ecological footprint – meaning we have lots of great spots for sloths to thrive. Our private nature reserve offers 840 acres of natural rainforest that is untouched by human hands.

Howler monkeys

The rainforest is filled with monkeys. You’ll hear the howl of the monkeys and the rustling of the trees as they travel along the treetops. When we first started rafting the Pacuare River, before we began building the lodge, we noticed an unusual absence of monkeys. We soon learned that due to farming and ranching in the nearby areas, howler monkeys had become trapped in tiny areas, unable to travel to larger forested areas. With the help of a group of scientists from the University of Costa Rica, we were able to relocate the group of howler monkeys. Today, our population of howler monkeys around Pacuare Lodge continues to grow and thrive.

Three-toes sloths

Wildlife in Costa Rica
Our guides will know where the sloths are hanging out.

Seeing a sloth is one of the most sought-after wildlife experiences in Costa Rica. Although we have plenty of sloths, they can be very hard to spot by the untrained eye. The sloth lives up to its name in every sense, therefore it spends most of its time hanging around and being lazy up in the rainforest canopy. When they do move about, it happens in slow motion and in almost complete silence so as not to attract predators to their location. However, because they are territorial and move slowly, our staff and guides will be able to point you to their current location, giving you one of the most exclusive sloth sightings in Costa Rica.

Toucans and other exotic birds

Seeing wildlife in Costa Rica
Our guides can help you spot exotic and colorful birds, like the Toucan.

We have many exotic birds that are indigenous to the Pacuare Rainforest, including the Sun Bittern, Red-throated Ant-Tanager, Black-cheeked Woodpecker and a variety of colorful toucans. Our guides will point out all the exotic species, and you will wake up to the cheerful song and chatter of all the birds waking up to start another day in the rainforest.



Along with the many exotic species of birds you will also be surrounded by brightly colored butterflies fluttering about. In fact, Costa Rica probably has one of the highest populations of butterflies with about 615 species. The most famous is the blue morpho butterfly. You can’t miss this majestic creature as it flaps it’s royal blue wings

Tree frogs

Spotting wildlife in Costa Rica
Vibrantly colorful tree frog.

There are many frogs in Costa Rica, but the most famous is the red-eyed tree frog. Its bright colors aren’t just to show off for a mate but to ward off predators. If you’re looking to spot a tree-frog, keep an eye on the trees and not the ground where the other frogs are hopping around.

Jaguars and wildcat

Wildcats in Costa Rica
Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they are not there.

At Pacuare Lodge, we have a Jaguar research program that studies and protects these big wild cats. Although you will probably not encounter a wildcat or Jaguar on your Rainforest nature hikes, the Jaguars are roaming around the rainforest all the time. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they are not there. If you want to know more about our Jaguar research and conservation efforts, talk to our staff.

At Pacuare Lodge we want to give our guest the most authentic Costa Rican wildlife experience possible. By minimizing our carbon footprint and being respectful of the wildlife, we allow the animals to live and thrive in peace while giving our guests an exclusive up-close and personal experience with the best wildlife that Costa Rica has to offer.

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