ICT Costa Rican Tourism Institute awards Pacuare Lodge highest rating in Certification for Sustainable Tourism

CST and our Commitment to Sustainable Tourism

In everything we do, we have been intentional in creating programs to improve our commitment to sustainable tourism. This is why we are proud to announce that this year, Pacuare Lodge has been awarded the Elite Level certificate for sustainable tourism, the highest rating of the CST. A certificate which is awarded to tourism businesses in Costa Rica according to how successful they are in their approach to a sustainable business model. The CST’s fundamental purpose is to make sustainability a practical and necessary reality within the context of the country’s competitiveness in tourism, while looking to improve the way that natural and social resources are used, encourage the active participation of local communities and provide a new source of competitiveness within the business sector.

Sustainable tourism
Sustainable tourism is about providing a unique experience without impacting the environment.

At Pacuare Lodge, we are dedicated to sustainable tourism and have adopted an array of best practices. We go to great lengths to limit the negative environmental impacts of our operations while supporting conservation and providing benefits for nearby communities. This policy isn’t limited to the Lodge – it extends through our entire company, from the main office to the warehouses where we store our rafts.

More about the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism

CST was the first certification for sustainable tourism in the world and it was originated in Costa Rica. Costa Rica has always pride itself in being a pioneer in this field. At Pacuare Lodge we work daily on staying true to our country’s philosophy of preserving our resources for future generations.

The Certificate for Sustainable Tourism is awarded by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT.) To receive the CST, a business must commit to sustainable business practices. A sustainable business model aims to meet the needs of society, providing unblemished service and accommodations to guests and workers, without taking away from future generations by exploiting or destroying natural resources.

For too long, tourism has exploited the needs of future generations by thinking only regarding immediate satisfaction of travelers, and not considering the consequences. Sustainable tourism is about finding a balance between the needs of today, with the needs of tomorrow. Selfish tourism practices have a negative impact on the environment, as well as, local communities. Sustainable tourism isn’t just about protecting the planet, it’s about protecting the future of our industry, and our communities. An elite level certification for sustainable tourism is awarded to businesses in the tourism industry for their sustainable management of natural, cultural, and social resources.

Certificate for Sustainable Tourism
Wildlife conservation is part of the requirements for achieving an Elite Status for sustainable tourism.

Natural Resources Management at Pacuare Lodge

Pacuare Lodge is nestled in the rainforest of the Talamanca Mountains on the bank of the Pacuare River. Our lodge is built to rest in complete harmony with its surrounding. We generate our own electricity, we grow many of our own  organic fruits, herbs, and vegetables, and, we have implemented several conservation programs to protect nature and wildlife for future generations. We hire locally, and we buy locally which is why our staff and adventure guides know and love this land better than almost anyone. We are truly committed to promoting a working atmosphere that generates satisfaction and motivation, improving and supporting our local communities while implementing sustainability best practices.

Sustainable tourism in Costa Rica
95% of our rafting guides are hired locally, supporting local communities.

At Pacuare Lodge, we combine luxurious accommodations, unmatched service, and our celebrated sustainability philosophy with the natural gifts that the Pacuare River gives us. Visit our lodge to learn more about Pacuare’s dedication to sustainable tourism practices.

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