New Treatments and the Utmost Relaxation and Well-being at Jawa Juü Spa

The best spa in Costa Rica just got better. We have worked with Lorena Herrera, a Costa Rican expert in physical and massage therapy, to create a spa experience unlike anything else in the world. Our unmatched setting, one-of-a-kind treatments, and attention to detail make the Pacuare Lodge´s Jawa Juü Spa a must-see destination while you’re in Costa Rica.

The Setting

Our spa harnesses the rainforest’s natural energy to create a healing environment unlike any other. Nature provides a relaxing soundtrack: the rushing Pacuare River and the sublime sounds of the rainforest set the stage for your treatment. You can choose to have your treatments inside or out, including alongside the river on a series of mounds similar to what’s found at Guayabo National Monument.

Pacuare Lodge

New Services

Our new menu includes a number of services and treatments that you won’t find anywhere else. These treatments were inspired by the local Cabécar culture, which reveres nature: respect for our environment and a knowledge of traditional medicinal techniques that stretches back millennia.

Relaxation and Well-being

Of all of our new services, our Rituals stand out. Each Ritual begins with a soothing foot bath ceremony as we begin the calming process of returning your body to a natural state of equilibrium. Couples will love the 100-minute Romance Rose Ritual, which combines volcanic mud with rose water for a naturally soothing experience. It’s both uplifting and deeply relaxing at the same time. Our River Spa Ritual engages the senses at our riverside location, and the treatment employs assisted stretching in between aromatherapy sessions, which blend aromatic essential oils and are selected for their therapeutic properties. If you have sore muscles after a day of hiking, this is the perfect treatment for you.


Our Therapists

Kattia Picado: Magic Hands and a Big Heart

Kattia Picado, director of our spa, will help you select the perfect treatment. Kattia is from a nearby community, and she knows the Cabécar traditions well. She also combines a background in physical therapy with a deep knowledge of massage. She has studied in Mexico at the Latin American Spa Association, and taken advanced courses in holistic techniques. You’ll be in great hands with Kattia or any of our professionally trained therapists.


Signature Service 


We are certain you’ll be surprised by how comprehensive our treatments are. We combine the soothing power of the rainforest, rhythmic massages and spa treatments with local, natural products to create a blissful sensory experience for the body and the mind. Our products, architecture, therapists and core philosophy all come from the areas surrounding our spa. And our passion for health, relaxation, well-being and healing is unmatched. It’s an experience designed to bring out the best in you.


Don’t miss our Jawa Juü Spa when you come visit us. There simply is nothing else like it in the world.


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