The Wild and Wonderful Wildlife of the Pacuare Rainforest

If you’re looking for a quintessential Costa Rican experience, you want to head to the Pacuare area in the Talamanca mountain range. The Pacuare River and the surrounding rainforest gives you the best of what this country has to offer. Get pampered in luxurious sustainable accommodations, and experience the diverse wildlife that lives all around you in the rainforest and on the riverbanks.


Getting to know the local wildlife

If you want an authentic Costa Rican experience, you have to get to know the locals. And, by locals, we mean the wildlife that was here long before us. Our lodge is built in harmony with the rainforest to leave as little impact on the wildlife and nature. We are all here as guests, and we want to treat our surroundings with respect. Here are some of the locals you can expect to meet when you visit the Pacuare region. Some of the wildlife will make itself known, greeting guests as they arrive. Other animals are more private and like to remain secluded. But they are all out there somewhere, even if you can’t see them.

Animals in the Pacuare region

The list of wildlife in the Pacuare rainforest reads like a who’s who of the world’s most exotic animals. Here are just a few of our most famous wildlife.

butterfly-142506_1280Blue Morpho butterfly

As you arrive at the lodge via whitewater rafts, there’s a good chance our infamous Blue Morpho butterflies will greet you with a happy dance on the banks of the river. Their blue and black wings waving majestically in the sunshine.

p11-PacuareLodgeExotic birds

You will hear the sounds and song of toucans and parrots. Keep your eye out for these colorful exotic birds, along with hundreds of other species.

Howler monkeys

Listen to the rustling of the trees, and spot groups of howler monkeys jumping and swinging their way through the rainforest. Or, relax to the distant howls echoing through the trees as they communicate with each other.


You don’t want to miss Costa Rica without seeing a sloth. Luckily, once you know where they are, you’ll have plenty of time to take photos and take it all in. As the name implies, the sloth moves very slowly. They can be hard to spot, but the locals will know where they hang out, so ask one of the staff at the Pacuare Lodge.


When you explore the rainforest, be vigilant. We have a wide variety of snakes, and some are highly poisonous. Snakes are not social creatures and will try to camouflage their presence, making them hard to spot. And, they tend to sleep during the day, hiding under leaves, bushes, and fallen palm fronds. So always watch your step.

jaguar-2796527_1280Big cats

The Pacuare rainforest is also home to some big beautiful cats. At night, when the rest of us are sound asleep in king size beds, jaguars, panthers, and ocelots come out to play and hunt. But don’t be uneased, these felines are very shy and prefer to remain deep in the reserve. The Pacuare region is a protected zone, and Pacuare Lodge is dedicated to protecting and preserving these gorgeous creatures.

Pacuare Lodge is located deep in the Pacuare Protected Zone, perched on the banks of this enchanting river. Visitors to our lodge can enjoy a truly memorable Pacuare Adventure as they soak up the natural beauty and tranquility of this magical jungle hideaway.

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