An Abundance of Romantic Getaways Make Costa Rica a Couples’ Paradise

Romance in Costa Rica

It’s almost impossible for couples not to love Costa Rica. There are the long walks on never-ending sandy beaches. Hikes in the rich, luscious rainforests. Sweet, juicy fresh fruit plucked from the trees. And, the friendliest folk you’ll ever meet. The Pura Vida lifestyle and the beautiful landscape are just a few of the reasons why Costa Rica is perfect for celebrating romance, whether it be weddings, anniversaries or honeymoons. 

Romantic experiences Costa Rica
Costa Rica offers the best experiences for romantic trips

Romantic trips to Costa Rica

In every kind of relationship; when it’s brand-new, giddy and ready to take your first trip together, for your big step into planning the wedding and honeymoon trip, or celebrating your anniversary after solid years of marriage, Costa Rica will always have something special for you! The beauty of the country is that it works for all types of couples: the adventurous, the chill, the spontaneous, the luxury travelers and the eco-conscious alike. There is a romantic getaway waiting for you here. 

Secluded sandy beaches

When celebrating the many stages of love, everyone around you seems to disappear. Surrounded by the most exquisite nature in the world, Costa Rica’s many secluded beaches allow you to simply bask in your love. Walk for miles, talking, or just taking in the surroundings of any number of warm sandy beaches. Since Costa Rica has two coasts, you’ve got both the rustic, laid-back Caribbean and a variety of white sand beaches on the Pacific to choose from.

Whitewater rafting Costa Rica
The Pacuare River is one of the most thrilling and scenic rivers in the world.

Romance and adventure

If you and your love are looking for a little adrenaline to add to your romantic vacation, Costa Rica will not disappoint. We’ve got world famous rivers and rapids for whitewater rafting. In the Limon Province, try whitewater rafting the Pacuare River. Pacuare is one of the most exotic and scenic rivers in the world. You’ll raft with an experienced guide through some of the finest whitewater while coursing through rugged canyons and breathtaking scenery. When you’re not braving the rapids, take in the sights and the sounds of the rainforest.

Intimate rainforest experiences

Of course, above all, you are looking for romance. Costa Rica has plenty of exclusive romantic boutique hotels that can give couples an intimate experience for honeymoons and anniversary trips. Pacuare Lodge is one of the most unique lodges in the world. Focused on sustainability, Pacuare Lodge offers you romance within a rainforest experience. Each suite is surrounded by the sounds of the river and the forest, and couples will be pampered in luxury by the staff. Relax all day on the porch of your suite, sign up for a couples massage at our on-site spa, hike in the rainforest, meditate by the river bank, and dine on exquisite food prepared with fresh, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients by local and world-class chefs.Romantic getaway

Book your stay at Pacuare Lodge for the most exclusive and intimate romantic getaway.

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