Did you know that we brew our own beer in Pacuare Lodge?

We offer both a Pale Ale and Summer Ale. You will be surprised in realizing that we produce them right at the lodge.

The purest beer in Costa Rica

There’s nothing better than enjoying the wide range of natural wonders found in Costa Rica. At the Pacuare Lodge, we experience nature through fresh rainforest breezes, crystalline rivers, and the music of the jungle. Now, after a day full of adventure, experiences and relaxation, you can enjoy a natural beer – both in our restaurant and along the banks of the Pacuare River.


Top-quality Costa Rican beer

Anyone who wants to make a high-quality beer should forget about extracts, dyes, stabilizers and extra ingredients. In fact, a real beer has just four ingredients:


  1. Malt
  2. Hops
  3. Yeast
  4. Water


In our case, we add a fifth element: love. This last ingredient combines our brewers’ expertise with the essence of where the beer is produced. That’s why our exclusive brews bring together the best ingredients from the United States and Europe with natural flavors and spring water from natural springs on our private reserve. All of this blends together to create a unique flavor that you can only enjoy at our lodge.


botella HuacasFlavor profile

Our pale ale has a dark color, fruity bouquet and a touch of bitterness. Our summer ale boasts a clear golden color with light fruit notes. It’s quite refreshing – perfect for relaxing after a day of adventure in the rainforest.

Our traveler’s top choice is the Summer Ale for lunch, and the Pale Ale for diner time, as it adds body and flavor to the meal. But the most important detail is that most of our visitors taste them both and usually repeat.

You can’t get these beers just anywhere – you’ll only find them at Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica. Join us for an unparalleled experience of adventure and luxury in the middle of Costa Rica’s natural environment.

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