The Blue Morpho Rules the River and the Rainforest at Pacuare Lodge

When you visit Pacuare Lodge you will quickly find yourself surrounded by the sights, sounds, and aromas of the rainforest. Whereas Costa Rica is famous for monkeys, sloths, exotic birds, and butterflies. But, despite the diverse wildlife, there is one animal that rules the river and the rainforest at Pacuare Lodge, and that is the Blue Morpho butterfly.

Swarms of Blue Morpho butterflies

When you visit Pacuare Lodge, one thing we often hear from guests is the amount of Blue Morphos that flitter and flutter about in the rainforest and by the river bank. This majestic creature may be small in the grand scheme of things, but, the Blue Morpho is one of the largest butterflies in the world. The wingspan of the Blue Morpho can reach eight inches.

Characteristics of a Blue Morpho butterfly

As the name implies, the Blue Morpho is a bright, iridescent blue color. The wings are actually made up of tiny scales, which make the blue shimmer as each scale catches the sunlight. And the blue coloring is only accentuated by the black border around the entire wingspan. When it flies, it is unmistakable and a sight to see, especially when you come across huge swarms of Blue Morphos flying about like only butterflies can. It’s a carefree, playful dance. When you see it first hand, you can’t help but smile.


Camouflage for predators

When they aren’t flying about, adult Blue Morphos will spend their time on the floor of the rainforest, or hide in shrubs. When their wings are closed, the bright blue colors disappear as the underside of their wings are dull and brown, helping them camouflage and stay safe from predators. Because of the two contrasting colors, when you see them flying, it sometimes looks like they are flickering in and out of sight.

The diet of a Blue Morphos

Like all butterflies, the Blue Morphos starts out as a caterpillar. In the caterpillar stage, the Blue Morphos will dine on pea plants and leaves. But, once it becomes a butterfly it loses the ability to chew. That means that the Blue Morpho is on a lifetime liquid diet, drinking its food instead of chewing.

Check into the Morpho Linda Vista Suite


Come see more Blue Morphos than you ever thought possible. The bright blue butterfly is a staple here at Pacuare Lodge, and they help create a whimsical and fantastical atmosphere. And, we’ve even taken inspiration from this beautiful creature when we decorated one of our rooms. Check into the gorgeous Morpho Linda Vista Suite, decorated in the bright blue colors of the Blue Morphos. We want to give our guests an authentic and luxurious rainforest experience and have decorated all suites in the lodge to blend into, and complement, our natural surroundings. Come and be one with the rainforest and everything that it entails.



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