River Rafting to Your Destination: The Most Unique Way to Check-In

When you talk about life, it’s often said that it’s not about the destination, but the journey. Well, at Pacuare Lodge, we’d like to think that we offer our guests the best of both worlds. Not only is our eco-lodge one of the  most unique destinations in the world, but the journey to our lodge is something that you won’t experience anywhere else. If you’re looking for adventure and luxury from start to finish, then you will want your journey to take you to Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica.


The journey to Pacuare Lodge

Our adventure packages begin with a pick-up in the San Jose city. You will travel with a local guide, filling up on Desayuno Tipico (classic breakfast) with local ingredients before we start our adventure to Pacuare Lodge. And, you’re going to need it, because as soon as you hit the Pacuare River, you’ll need to help steer the raft through the white water to get to Pacuare Lodge. Because our eco-lodge is nestled in the heart of the rainforest, the way to get there is by river rafting. So, you need to be prepared for adventure before you even arrive. But, this is all part of the charm of visiting Pacuare, non-stop action before arriving at our secluded and tranquil luxury suites.

World class river rafting on the Pacuare River


People travel from all over the world to go river rafting on the Pacuare River. This is one of the most exotic and scenic rivers in the world. You’ll be guided on a river raft, taking on class II and III rapids on your way to the lodge. And, your backpack will be transported separately in protective waterproof bags by professional river guides. You will be rafting on the river, taking on the white water rapids, while rafting through rugged canyons and the tropical rainforest. It’s one of the biggest thrills that Costa Rica has to offer, and it’s just the beginning of your adventure.


Arrival at Pacuare Lodge

Arriving at Pacuare Lodge by river raft is one of the most unique ways to check-in to a destination, but, that’s all part of what makes us special. We want to give our guests a once-in-a-lifetime experience from start to finish. When you arrive after 1 1/2 hour of world-class river rafting, you’ll be able to restore your heartbeat to the normal rate as you check in to your suites, all with spectacular views of the rainforest or the river. You’ll be pampered with a gourmet culinary experience, all made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. And, you can explore the grounds and the rainforest and our other adventures with local guides to learn all about the surrounding nature and the local way of life.

Leaving Pacuare Lodge

When you are ready to check-out, you’ll be leaving the same way you arrived, by river raft. This time, we’re going to increase the excitement with a much longer river rafting excursions, hitting rapids up to Class IV. It’s the perfect way to end your trip before we drop you off back in San Jose.


Pacuare River Rafting Adventures

We’ve got a few different adventure packages for our guests to enjoy, but they all begin and end with world class, adrenaline pumping, awe-inspiring white water rafting on the Pacuare River.

Pacuare Lodge also offers the alternative of ground transportation in or out from the lodge, boarding a four-wheel drive vehicle for the last 6-kilometer gravel road to the Pacuare River. The adventure contunues as you leave the car and cross the river on a hanging gondola that carries you above the river via a 100-meter cable running from riverbank to riverbank. At the other side, an electric car will be waiting for you to take you to the lodge´s lobby where a refreshing cocktail awaits your arrival.


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