Why You Want Your Suite to Have a Gecko or Two

Normally, when you rent a luxury suite anywhere in the world, you expect it to be lizard-free. Although many come to Costa Rica for its rich nature and wildlife scene, you tend to want to keep that wildlife outside of your suite. The Costa Rican gecko, however, is an exception. Having a few gecko’s in your room is a good thing.

Every suite comes with screens, but you’ll be thankful for a few house Geckos to swoop up any bugs that get into your room.

How Geckos Came to Live in Costa Rica

Geckos are adventurers, just like you. But, it wasn’t until the 1990’s that these little house geckos found their way to Central America. They originated from Asia, and it is presumed that they found their way to Costa Rica by hitching a ride on ships and freighters.

Once they arrived, just like so many ex-pats in our country, they found the nature and the climate too good to give up. And, the ever presence of bugs and insects made this land a gecko’s paradise, so it wasn’t long before they started building a life for themselves in Costa Rica.

Geckos Are Nature’s “House Cleaners”


Geckos have a tireless work ethic and keep the indoor insect population to a minimum. Because of these two traits, Tico’s quickly embraced them as part of the family, lovingly giving them the nickname “house cleaners.”

Unlike other species that may be threatened by human and urban development, the geckos quickly learned to co-exist with people and have earned a place in the heart of most Costa Rican homes.

The Sounds of the Gecko

When you visit Pacuare Lodge, you’ll quickly understand why geckos never wanted to leave Costa Rica.

Besides being diligent workers -or hungry house guests- they are also the most vocal of the lizards you’ll meet here. If you don’t see a gecko right away, don’t worry, you’ll soon hear their chirpy chatter.

Gecko sounds are a rapid succession of chirps, like clicking your tongue quickly on the roof of your mouth.

At night, when the quiet settles over Pacuare Lodge and the sounds of the rainforest take over, listen for the delightful chitter chatter of geckos as you drift off to sleep.

Geckos Are Eco-Friendly

Having a home -or in your case, a suite- filled with geckos is great for two reasons. One, geckos detest a toxic environment. If too many chemicals have been used in your home or in your garden, they will find another place to live.

And, two, once you have a gecko-friendly home, then they’ll be the most eco-friendly addition to your house, using zero pesticides to keep the insect population at bay.

When you run a high-end eco-lodge in the Costa Rican rainforest, geckos are a dream come true!

High-End Eco-Lodge in Costa Rica

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