Books and Films to Inspire You Before Visiting Costa Rica

Preparing for Costa Rica

You know that feeling you get when you’ve just booked your dream vacation. Time passes by so slowly, and all you want to do is get on a plane and arrive in paradise. Costa Rica has some of the world’s most exquisite beaches, rivers, mountains, volcanoes, wildlife, and rainforests.

This country is rich with history, and our naturalist guides at Pacuare Lodge love to tell our guests all about our surroundings. While you wait for your vacation to start, we’ve compiled a list of books and films about Costa Rica that will both educate and inspire, and help make the time go a little faster.

Books about Costa Rica
Read up on the culture and the people of Costa Rica before you arrive.

Books about Costa Rica

There are many books written about Costa Rica, our landscape, culture, history, and wildlife. Knowing a little about the country you are visiting will help enhance your experience. Plus, understanding the culture will help you feel closer and more respectful towards the people you meet on your travels.

Here’s a great list of books to give you a great overview of the country and the people:

  • Rough Guide Costa Rica by Jean McNeil – A compact guide with a historical and cultural overview, with emphasis on Costa Rica’s natural history
  • Costa Rica in Focus by Tjabel Daling – A concise guide to the people, politics, economy, and culture of Costa Rica. The author explores the history of democracy since the abolition of the army in 1948, economic doldrums of the 1980s, and impact of tourism.
  • Monkeys Are Made of Chocolate: Exotic and Unseen Costa Rica by Jack Ewing – A fascinating and entertaining read about Costa Rica’s wildlife touching on evolution, conservation and environmentalism.
  • Costa Rica From Above by Sergio & Giancarlo Pucci – A dozen of hours of flight produced this collection full of moments of wonder.
  • Costa Rica Pura Vida by Juan José and Sergio Pucci – Exquisite photographs of Costa Rica National Parks and Reserves.
  • Costa Rica Spanish Phrasebook by Lonely Planet
  • Costa Rica, Traveller’s Wildlife Guides by Les Beletsky – Aimed at environmentaly conscious travellers for whom some of the best parts of any trip are glimpses of wildlife.

Read up on nature and animals that you’ll come across when visiting Pacuare Lodge.

Films about Costa Rica

If you’re into watching books rather than reading them, there are plenty of films for the whole family that have been filmed in Costa Rica or are about Costa Rica.

  • Jurassic Park & The Lost World directed by Stephen Spielberg (book by Michael Crichton) – Although only small sequences of the film were filmed in Costa Rica, the movie claims to take place in the country. It will give the whole family a little thrill; plus spark your adventurous imagination when you are ziplining over the rainforest.
  • After Earth directed by M. Night Shyamalan (starring With Will Smith) – An action/adventure filmed in the wilderness of La Fortuna, Arenal.
  • Caribe directed by Esteban Ramírez Jiménez – A film about a couple running a banana plantation in the Limón Province on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.
  • The Blue Butterfly directed by Léa Pool  – The film features the rainforest of Costa Rica and the famous Blue Morpheus Butterfly.
  • El Lugar Más Feliz del Mundo (The Happiest Place in the World) directed by Soley Bernal – A film about a cast and crew of a TV show head to the mountains of Costa Rica for inspiration.
Costa Rica Guided Tour
See first-hand everything you’ve been reading about with a guided tour through the rainforest.

Costa Rica Adventure Vacation

Pacuare Lodge is nestled in the Talamanca Mountains on the banks of the Pacuare River. You will be surrounded by everything Costa Rica has to offer. To learn more about your surroundings once you visit, our guides will be happy to take you on walks through the rainforest, as well as show you all the sights that you pass on your way to our eco-lodge.

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