Our favorite rapids in the Pacuare

From put-in to take-out, the Pacuare River is an incredible experience. Gorgeous scenery, abundant wildlife, and heart-pumping rapids are all along the river – which makes selecting a favorite spot rather difficult. So, we asked our guides. These are their favorite spots on the Pacuare.


Quebrada Fría

Quebrada Fría is a stream that plummets into the river from the right side. If you hike up from the Pacuare a little bit, you’ll come across a series of waterfalls. It’s a spectacular hike, but even if you don’t leave your raft, the experience of moving past this small tributary is an experience in the sublime.

Then, just below Quebrada Fría, is Double Drop.

Doble Piso (Double Drop), Class III

About halfway down the Pacuare River is Double Drop, known locally as Doble Piso – a two-story rapid. The first segment of this rapid sets the stage for excitement, and the larger second segment dials up the challenge. When the river is running high, the second drop ends up in a large hole.

Cimarron (Untamed), Class III-IV


One of the river’s fastest rapids, Cimarron runs through a steep boulder garden. When the water is high, the boulders provide fast, exciting rafting. When water is low, the boulders transform this stretch of the river into a technical challenge.

The river moves through several channels here, so your guide will select the best one when you get there – the river changes every day.

Dos Montañas (Two Mountains)

11-3596227959-1505316418415.jpgThis might be the Pacuare’s signature spot. The river has sliced through a mountain, creating a steep gorge from which small cascades drop into the river. There are no rapids here, so you can jump out of your raft and take a swim here amid the silence and tranquility that this unique formation offers.

You also might notice remnants of heavy machinery and engineering efforts here. Those are left over from the government’s attempts to build a hydroelectric dam here. Fortunately for us, environmentalists and tourism leaders forced the government out of the Pacuare.


Which parts of the Pacuare will be your favorite? You’ll have to run it with us and find out for yourself!


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