Experience Eco-Tourism at its Finest for Your Next Corporate Retreat

The world is going green, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Pacuare Lodge is built on the principles of sustainability and socially responsible tourism. We have been at the forefront of sustainable tourism for a long time and been recognized by National Geographic as one of the most unique lodges of the world. For companies that are looking to incorporate the principles and ideals of sustainability into their corporate culture, bring your staff to Pacuare Lodge for a sustainable corporate retreat, and experience eco-tourism at its finest.

Sustainability doesn’t mean you have to give up on luxury.

Living in sustainable luxury

What better way to learn about building a company based on sustainability and social responsibility than to live it first-hand. Our eco-lodge is built to sit discreetly on the banks of the Pacuare River, surrounded by the sights, sounds, and scents of the rainforest. We have built our lodge using local and sustainably sourced materials to have as little impact on the natural environment as possible. While staying at our lodge, you’ll get to experience first-hand how easy it is to provide a great experience filled with adventure, romance, luxury, and relaxation without hurting our environment in the process.

No electricity needed

candelas1Hospitality means that you need to cater to every need of every guest, but at Pacuare, we’ve learned that our guests appreciate our efforts to minimize our carbon footprint, and will gladly give up amenities like electricity and TV, for the chance to experience the Costa Rican rainforest and wildlife as nature intended. When our guests arrive, they’ll either be so relaxed, sitting on the porch of their candlelit luxury bungalows with limited electricity, exploring the grounds, or taking part in our many adventures and nature hikes that there is very little need to catch up on social media or watch TV.

Some electricity is needed

Although our suites don’t have electricity, we have built a water turbine that is powerful enough to power our main areas and our kitchen, and limited electricity in the suites. But, for the little electricity we need, we use natural resources to keep the kitchen functional (and safe), and to light up pathways, common area, and reception. And, we do have access to WiFi and a place to recharge devices for those that can’t go without.

Farm to table cuisine

farm to table1
Farm to table cuisine prepared by local and world class chefs.

Our sustainable efforts culminate in our gourmet culinary experience.  Our food is as local and fresh as it gets. Much of what we consume at Pacuare Lodge is produced right in our own organic farm, called Las Nubes de Tuis, which is located in the mountains above our lodge. Quality organic ingredients are our passion, and we work the land with love. We also use locally sourced ingredients that we get from the local farmers and neighboring communities, and hire all local staff, taking advantage of their years of knowledge in using what nature has provided to give us everything we need. And, nature has provided us with more than enough to give our guests a unique and luxurious experience, especially when it comes to the food.

Sustainable Corporate Retreat
The Pacuare River is world-famous for white water rafting. Perfect for a team-building corporate retreat.

Sustainable corporate retreats


Eco-tourism is on the rise, and we’re happy to impart our knowledge on how to build and maintain an unforgettable experience. Book a stay at Pacuare Lodge for your next corporate retreat. See how you can incorporate sustainable practices into your business. Not only will your customers appreciate your efforts, but mother nature will thank you, as well.

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