Discover the Secrets of Costa Rica in the Green Season

There are two seasons in Turrialba, where our lodge is located in the Caribbean side of Costa Rica: the dry season and the green season. Even though the “dry” season is the busiest time for tourism in Costa Rica, there are good reasons for planning your vacation during the green season.

During September and October this area offers very favorable weather conditions, while other regions of the country tend to receive more amount of rain.


Green season in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s green season spans from May to early December. Some will refer to this period as the low season, since the potential for rain will deter some travelers from visiting. The green season, therefore, is the perfect time for adventurers who want to explore off the beaten path and aren’t afraid of a little afternoon rain. Along with the rains come many wonderful treats that will make your visit to Pacuare Lodge richer and more unique. Although our little lodge never gets crowded, when you visit in the green season you may find that you have even more space to yourself, while still receiving the same pampering and service from our staff.

Nature is booming under the rain

When green season arrives, rains start falling more regularly and every living organism comes alive. The frothy, luscious green colors are brighter than ever. Plants and trees stretch and grow as if spreading their arms and looking to the heavens, soaking up every drop of rain to feed their soul and strengthen their spirit.

The rainforest is a naturally humid place, varying little from season to season. When you visit during the green season however, not only is the rainforest its most vibrant, but daily rain showers bring in the most comfortable climate.


The best white water rafting of the year

Speaking of outdoor adventures, if you’re looking for the maximum thrill, the green season is it! The constant rains fill the rivers up leaving the river run much higher and faster than during the dry season. As a result, the green season white water rafting is an exhilarating experience. If you are looking for a little extra adrenaline rush on your white water rafting adventure, check our Pacuare River during the green season.

Green season prices

Besides a vibrant ecosystem, fewer fellow travelers and amazing whitewater rafting, you’ll often find discount prices on luxury accommodations as well as for local activities and adventures. And despite lower prices, you’ll still receive the same luxury treatment from our staff and our restaurant which remains in full operation. We take great care of our guests in any season; but during the green season, we all have extra time to give you a little more attention, helping to make your stay unforgettable.

Green season Costa Rica secrets
Wait out the occasional afternoon rainstorm while relaxing in a hammock.

Tropical rainforest vacation in the green season

Visiting Pacuare Lodge in the green season is one of the best-kept secrets in Costa Rica. Contact us about green season prices and accommodations at one of the most unique luxury eco-lodges of the world!

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