Costa Rica’s Leading Local Organic Cuisine

Our food is as local and fresh as it gets. Much of what we consume at Pacuare Lodge is produced right here at our own organic farm, called Las Nubes de Tuis, which is located in the mountains above our lodge. Quality organic ingredients are our passion, and we work the land with love. We’ve even started making our own goat cheese in addition to the traditional Turrialba cheese that you’ll enjoy at breakfast.


For things we can’t produce on our farm, we work with farmers in the nearby communities to help them produce organic ingredients. Our goal is to create delicious, healthful, unique dishes for our guests while contributing to the local economy and ecology.

Farm to Table, All in Costa Rica’s Rainforest


Because everything is produced either at or near our lodge, you simply cannot find fresher ingredients. This is the literal definition of farm to table: we grow it on our farm, carry it directly to the kitchen, and serve you the finished product. Our commitment to organic, non-invasive agricultural techniques is great for the environment. It’s also great for our creative chefs to create new fusions of Costa Rican and international cuisine that become our own signature exotic dishes.

El Nido: Dine in the Treetops

02Exotic food deserves an exotic dining room. “El Nido” means “The Nest,” and dining here offers you a bird’s-eye perspective of our grounds and nature preserve. We’re certain you’ve never experienced anything quite like it.

By now, you know that Pacuare Lodge sits amid some of the most beautiful landscapes in Costa Rica (and, dare we say, the world). Ours is a rainforest rich in color, music, and life. Naturally, the best place to experience the rainforest is up in the treetops. El Nido sits on a platform 20 meters (66 feet) high in a treetop, where you can enjoy a meal in a truly unique setting.

More Than Great Food

With a setting like the rainforest canopy, candlelight dances like fireflies, the foliage sways in a light breeze, the soft rumble of the Pacuare River courses below, and the aroma of jungle blossoms set the scene for an unforgettable meal. Add to that our award-winning kitchen and expert staff and you have the makings of an unforgettable experience.

A Luxury Ecolodge in Costa Rica


Pacuare Lodge is a luxury ecolodge situated on the banks of the Pacuare River in Costa Rica. We carefully combine high-end accommodations and cuisine with unmatched service. At the same time, we strive daily to remain in harmony with nature and the surrounding communities. Learn more about our social and environmental programs here.

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