Ten Elements of a Great Spa Experience in Costa Rica

We are extremely proud of our Jawa Juü Spa at the Pacuare Lodge. In our humble opinion, our unparalleled location, passionate therapists, and sustainable lifestyle make for a great experience. But what, according to experts, makes for a great spa? According to Massage Today magazine, there are ten elements that every great spa must incorporate.

The Ten Elements of a Great Spa Experience

1. Water
The transforming power of water is one of the strongest elements of the spa experience. At Jawa Juü, we give our treatments on the banks of the rushing Pacuare River. This is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, and its power and purity add energy to our treatments.

2. Nourishment
Not only does our restaurant serve delicious organic meals, but we also use nature as nourishment for the mind and body. Because we are far from roads, telephone poles, or television sets, nature sets the tone for everything we do. It feeds us every day.

3. Movement
Vitality and energy through movement are key parts of a great massage experience. Both the movement of our therapists’ hands and the action of the surrounding rainforest provide the necessary rhythm to free your mind and body.

4. Touch
At the heart of the spa experience, touch is more than expert hands. Touch includes the organic, locally sourced products and extracts that we use and our philosophy of giving back.


5. Integration
The relationship between mind, body, spirit, and environment is important, too. All of us at Pacuare Lodge believe that a strong connection between a person and her surroundings is paramount to a healthy existence.

6. Aesthetics
This means more than just an attractively appointed place for treatments; it encompasses the appreciation of beauty and the earth as a healer. That’s why we use medicinal plants and extracts to bring the healing power of the earth closer to you.

7. Environment
The environment is the location, but it also includes the natural elements we use (see above) and our respect for the environment through our social responsibility programs.

8. Cultural Expression
We aim to create a sense of community where everyone feels welcome in the middle of Costa Rica’s rainforest. In addition, our cultural expression reflects the local Cabécar indigenous community in the plants we use and even our name: Jawa Juü means “house of the shaman.”

9. Social Contribution
It is important to both give and receive. Everything we have at Pacuare Lodge comes from the surrounding forests and communities, and we give back by protecting the land, hiring workers from neighboring villages, and incorporating the strictest sustainability practices in Costa Rica.

10. Time/Space
Rhythms Perhaps the most metaphorical of these ten elements, this is the perception of ourselves within the grander realm of nature, and how we relate to each other. It’s the final binding element that brings the other nine together.

Come experience the confluence of these elements amid the middle of a private rainforest preserve and an exceptional ecolodge. Contact us today to get started on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation unlike any other.

For more information about our treatments visit: Jawa Juü Spa


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