Kattia Picado: Magic Hands and a Big Heart

With over seven years with us at the Pacuare Lodge, Kattia has worked in many positions. She’s worked in housekeeping and as an assistant manager, giving her intimate knowledge of the entire hotel. It’s her current position, however, that elevates Kattia to an almost celebrity status: she is the director of our Jawa Juü Spa.

Jawa Juü, in the local Cabecar language, means “house of the shaman.” As the name implies, the spa incorporates natural elements such as essential oils, medicinal plants, and the roaring Pacuare River as important elements for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Innovative Spa Treatments


“We have developed some unique treatments. For example, aratropical, one of our massage treatments, uses hot stones, herbal and floral extracts, medicinal plants, and other techniques to offer a treatment that keeps working for a week,” said the masseuse.

Kattia Picado: Magic Hands and a Big HeartKattia combines a background in physical therapy with a deep knowledge of massage. She has studied in Mexico at the Latin American Spa Association, and taken advanced courses in holistic techniques. “People ask what my passion is, and I tell then it’s what I do. I love experiencing my patient’s happiness when they give me a hug or a handshake and tell me that I’ve alleviated their pain. That’s worth gold to me. I’ve had people tell me ‘wow, that’s the best massage of my life, I’ve been around the world and your hands are magic,’” she says with twinkle in her eye.

Her magic hands have people coming back to Pacuare Lodge year after year. “I love to see familiar faces over time,” she says.

Ten Elements of a Great Spa Experience in Costa RicaWhen she’s not at work, Kattia enjoys spending time with her family. “My mother is my greatest treasure,” she says. She also gives catechism classes to youth and adults, listens to religious music, spend time with friends in church, and attend training session. And now she has a boyfriend. “I have to clone myself into 100 more!” she laughs.

Meet Kattia and her team at Jawa Juü Spa, where the power of the Pacuare, curative natural products, and expert hands will bring deep relaxation to your experience.

For more information about our treatments visit: Jawa Juü Spa

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