Four Unique Ways To Experience Costa Rica At Pacuare Lodge

Our little ecolodge is nestled into the banks of the Pacuare River in the middle of Costa Rica’s lush countryside. And while we’re known for our excellent cuisine, sustainability efforts, and great service, there are four ways to experience our lodge that you won’t find anywhere else.

In The Rainforest Canopy

Four Unique Ways To Experience Costa Rica At Pacuare LodgeCosta Rica’s rainforest is an incredibly species-rich habitat. And most of the action lies in the canopy. That’s where the leaves compete for light, birds and monkeys find food and shelter, and myriad other plants rub shoulders with the big trees in a symbiotic relationship.

You can be there, too. Pacuare Lodge offers an up-close glimpse of the rainforest canopy on their canopy tour. This excursion combines the grace of nature with a boost of adventure as you glide along ziplines that connect platforms at the treetops.

Four Unique Ways To Experience Costa Rica At Pacuare LodgeFor a truly one-of-a-kind experience, book The Nest for a culinary adventure. The Nest sits on a platform 20 meters (60 feet) up in the treetops. There you’ll enjoy a dining environment unlike any other: candlelight dances in the tropical breeze, the Pacuare River below provides the soundtrack, and our award-winning kitchen will prepare and serve our local fusion cuisine amid this stunning setting.

On The Pacuare River

Four Unique Ways To Experience Costa Rica At Pacuare LodgeRafting the Pacuare River whisks you past primary and secondary rainforest, through class-III and -IV rapids, and through some of the most breathtaking scenery our tropical nation has to offer. In fact, the Pacuare is our main “highway.” Whatever we cannot harvest from our farm, we float in by river. Whatever nature cannot reclaim on our property, we float out.

Most of our guests arrive to our lodge by the Pacuare. We’re confident you’ve never had an arrival experience like this before.

With Local Residents


Part of what makes Pacuare Lodge so special is the strong connection we have with surrounding communities. Nearly our entire staff is from the neighboring towns, which means that everyone around you knows these hills like the back of their hand. Additionally, we offer guided hikes to local Cabecar settlements. The Cabecar are the original indigenous group in the area, and their culture, language, and traditions are very much alive.

At Your Own Pace

Perhaps most importantly, you can explore and experience Pacuare Lodge at your own pace. Our lodge is designed to bring you into close contact with nature, but without neglecting creature comforts. So if you want to hike up to a hidden waterfall by yourself, we’ll point you in the right direction. Or enjoy a book along the banks of the Pacuare. Or simply have a cup of coffee and absorb the wonders around you.


However you want to experience Costa Rica, you can do so at Pacuare Lodge in a way unlike anywhere else on Earth. Come pay us a visit and find out for yourself.

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